Tī Ani Rooibos Tea


Built from a lifelong obsession and journey with tea in New Zealand, Tī Ani was born to provide a diverse and beautiful blend of beneficial teas. The Tī Ani range is organic and/or wild harvested, picked locally or sourced from certified growers around the globe. Our loose leaf tea offers interesting aromas, flavours and a richer tea experience, helping you to embrace the world of tea and discover your new favourite type. Tī Ani can help to breathe new life into your daily routine.

Rooibos Tea: 100% caffeine free, and wonderfully soothing! Rooibos tea, or Redbush tea as it is sometimes known, originates from Africa. This plant can only be grown in a specific region of South Africa but it is one of the most popular tea flavours in the world. This organic rooibos produces a rich brew with a sweet aroma leaving an exceptionally smooth after taste. Can be enjoyed hot or iced!

Brewing guide: 1 teaspoon per cup brewed for 5+ minutes at 90 degrees. Steep longer or less depending on your personal taste.

Your choice of either 20g bags, which give you 10 cups worth of tea, or the 50g bags, which give you approximately 25 cups!

Please note that this product must be purchased with one of our market boxes.

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