Mylk Made Mylk Base 300ml


Create fresh nut and seed mylk at home with Mylk Made mylk bases. It's nut mylk, made simple. Their bases give you the freshness and purity of homemade plant-based mylk without the time, mess and waste of straining your own nuts.

Simply blend one tablespoon of Mylk Made mylk base with 350ml of water on high for 20 seconds. Too easy! Available in six great flavours:

  • Absolute Almond Mylk Base - a twist on your staple almond mylk; blanched almonds mixed with whole almonds
  • Coco-Nut Mylk Base - two signature flavours combined into one! Staple almonds mixed with creamy coconut
  • Creamy Lavender Mylk Base - delicious cashews with a hint of lavender; slightly sweetened with natural coconut sugar
  • Hearty Hemp Mylk Base - d elicious, organic NZ Hemp hearts; fuel your body with the good stuff
  • Nutty Oat Mylk Base - a delicious combo of Macadamias, Brazil Nuts and Oats
  • Rich Hazelnut Mylk Base - wholesome hazelnuts ground with brazil nuts. Ultra smooth and creamy

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