White Heart Spiced Hazelnut Sprinkles


White Heart specializes in hazelnut products that they grow in Tai Tapu, a small settlement near Christchurch. Their batch roasted hazelnuts are blended with the very best ingredients to create their range of specialty nut butters, sprinkles and handfuls…to name just a few.

There are minimal sweeteners, no preservatives, or nasty additives – with lots of GF and DF options. Vegan friendly too!

Spiced Hazelnut Sprinkles

  • A supreme mix of local hazelnuts, batch roasted in fair trade & organic coconut oil and tossed in a secret blend of spices.
  • Scatter on whatever you fancy - from salads to stir fries, curries to quinoa, maybe even give it a go on your broccoli!
  • 200g glass jar

Please note that this product must be purchased with one of our market boxes.

Size: 200g
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